4/17/2014 Kings vs Suns L 99-104

 - Kings with good ball movement leading to the Ben Mclemore trey. Mclemore had his best offensive night and was aggressively looking to score. Mclemore ended up with a career high in points with 31 points, a career high in assists with 5, and he also grabbed 5 rebounds. 

 - Isaiah Thomas dishes the alley-oop to Rudy Gay for the slamma jamma. Both stars did not play much, therefore allowing the bench and younger players to shine in the last regular season game. Demarcus Cousins did not play due to his 16th technical foul from last game which resulted in a suspension for this game.

 - Rudy Gay received the Triple Double Award from former King Oscar Robertson before the game. And Mitch Richmond had a Hall of Fame ceremony at halftime.

Kings Record: 28-54

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/13/2014 Kings vs Timberwolves W 106-103

 - Isaiah Thomas returned from injury and started the game. Travis Outlaw dishes it to Thomas for the trey in the fourth quarter. Thomas finished with 14 points after missing 10 games with a right quad contusion. 

 - Demarcus Cousins had another beastly game with 35 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists. Cousins with the dagger dunk to finish off the Timberwolves comeback efforts of Kevin Love (who dropped 43 points).

 - Spent $5 to attend this game in nosebleeds, and it was very much worth it because of the back and forth game. 

Kings Record: 28-53

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/12/2014 Kings @ Clippers L 101-117

 - Demarcus Cousins with the post game against Deandre Jordan. Cousins finished with 32 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists.

 - Ben Mclemore with the buzzer beater trey to finish the third quarter. Mclemore got ejected from two technical fouls for the first time in his career.

Kings Record: 27-53

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/9/2014 Kings @ Blazers L 99-100

 - Demarcus Cousins with the slamma jamma! He finished with 30 points and 12 rebounds.

 - Ray McCallum with the behind the back dribble, faking out Damian Lillard, than with the fake pass leading to the smooth fastbreak lay-up! The rookie finished with 23 points, 9 assists and 0 turnovers.

Kings Record: 27-52

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/9/2014 Mitch Richmond enters the Hall of Fame

 - Mitch Richmond gets Michael Jordan! Yee!

 - Mitch Richmond with the strong drive to the basket for the and-1 against SEATTLE!

 - Carmichael Dave tweeted: Mitch Richmond just told us on the show that he WILL be entering the NBA Hall of Fame as a SACRAMENTO KING.

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/8/2014 Kings vs Thunder L 92-107

 - Ben Mclemore picks up the offensive rebound from Outlaw’s miss and Ben throws the slamma jamma down!

 - Demarcus Cousins with the beautiful spin and reverse lay-up! Cousins had 24 points and 14 rebounds. He matched the record of double-doubles in a season for a Sacramento Kings with Chris Webber of 50 double-doubles in a season!

Kings Record: 27-51

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/6/2014 Kings vs Mavericks L 91-93

 - Ray McCallum with the steal and fast break slamma jamma! The rookie had 8 points and 9 assists.

 - Demarcus Cousins with the nice block! He finished with 28 points and 10 rebounds.

 - Rudy Gay bounced back from that horrific game with 32 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists.

Kings Record: 27-50

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/4/2014 Kings @ Warriors L 69-102

 - Brick city all day for the Kings this game….Worst first experience at Oracle Arena for me. Spent $68 to sit in a lower level seat to attend the most embarrassing game of my life. By far the worst game of the season for the Kings. Ugh……

Kings Record: 27-49

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

4/2/2014 Kings vs Lakers W 107-102

 - Ray McCallum breaks Robert Sacre’s ankles for the nice drive to the bucket. McCallum finished with 27 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists.

 - Rudy Gay with the fastbreak slamma jamma! Gay finished with 31 points.

 - Fuck the Lakers.

Kings Record: 27-48

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/31/2014 Kings @ Pelicans W 102-97

 - Demarcus Cousins with the slamma jamma! He finished the game with 35 points and 14 rebounds.

 - Ray McCallum took over in the fourth and score most of his points there. He finished with 22 points and 10 assists.

Kings Record: 26-48

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/29/2014 Kings @ Mavericks L 100-103

 - Ray McCallum with the steal and fastbreak lay-up. He finished with 16 points and 8 assists.

 - Rudy Gay with the drive and put-back after his own miss. Gay had 30 points and 7 rebounds.

 - Kings almost came back but back to back treys from Calderon and Marion stopped us, than of all people, former Kings Dalembert starts scoring. 

 - Isaiah is still sorely missed, but I guess he will get re-signed this off season because the Kings need him to lead the team. Might as well rest him up for next season, in my opinion.

Kings Record: 25-48

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/28/2014 Kings @ Thunder L 81-94

 - Rudy Gay with the “whoops! there it is!”

 - Travis Outlaw with the trey, trying keep the Kings steady on offense.

 - Thunder are an elite team.

 - The Kings sorely miss Isaiah Thomas.

Kings Record: 25-47

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/26/2014 Kings vs Knicks L 99-107

 - Demarcus Cousins with the putback dunk and block. He had 32 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists.

 - Too much JR Smith and Carmelo.

Kings Record: 25-46

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/23/2014 Kings vs Bucks W 124-107

 - Demarcus Cousins with the sweet stepback fadeaway jumper.

 - Magic Cousins (ugh) did something awesome! (Every blue moon, otherwise, a turnover usually)

 - Easy domination by the Kings.

Kings Record: 25-45

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen

3/21/2014 Kings vs Spurs L 79-99

 - Demarcus Cousins with the steal and finish slamma jamma.

 - Rudy Gay with the and-1 play.

 - Spurs are too good.

 - Royce White made his debut in the NBA as a King.

Kings Record: 24-45

Take care,

Iggy Nguyen